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About Me.

Self Learner, Dreamer

Hi there!

This is Ahsanul Hoque. People find me enthusiastic & friendly. Sharing knowledge is my passion. My biggest strength is – I am a quick self-learner. I have completed my graduation and post-graduation in Law. My academic degrees focus on various interdisciplinary legal practices. My academic study encouraged me to explore the topic of Refugees' rights and Human Rights Law. I love to work in the humanitarian sector for the betterment of vulnerable and marginalized groups. Besides, Computer technology is my playground. I have enriched my IT knowledge day by day. I'm experienced in graphic design and several web languages such as WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, React, etc. Besides my legal study and humanitarian activities, I'm working as a freelance web developer on Fiverr. 

I am compassionate, I can put myself in others’ shoes. Having this ability gave me a whole new perspective to look at things. I prefer giving over taking. They say that I have a good sense of humor too. In case you are wondering, my personality type is “INFP” (Google itif you don’t know what that means). 

And, one last thing, I love my family more than anything.

Oh, did I mention that, I looooove to travel?

It was nice meeting you! 



Personal Information

  • Name Ahsanul Hoque
  • Age 26 Years
  • Residence Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
  • Email ahsanatiq65@gmail.com
  • Phone +880 1876 000 111

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    Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
    +880 1876 000 111